————— Cyber nerve neural network —————

The Cyber nerve neural network is a public block chain protocol developed for (Cyber nerve). The block chain can be used to authenticate, manage, data learning and application development for neural networks.

Introduction to Cyber nerve

Every aspect of us is rapidly being digitized, such as finance, social networking, consumption, location and so on, forming our digital assets. When we use the information network, these digital assets are used to create a complete electronic file for each of us, such as search engines, e-commerce and social networks. These electronic files are complex enough to extract the characteristics of each of us, and establish a prediction model for our various behaviors. However, these abundant electronic files are currently in the form of traditional text, which is not much different from traditional identity information (such as passport number and bank account number). Artificial intelligence is directly related to our electronic archives, so that electronic files can be intelligentized. We can further give our electronic files a three-dimensional visual virtual image, and through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to enable people to see the intelligent virtual itself in the real world. Such intelligent virtual identity is derived from our own real data, similar to their own character and image characteristics, understand themselves, and can learn constantly. It is our most reliable personal intelligence assistant. Although our electronic archives are still not intellectualized, their value is controlled by these centralized platforms. We have no right to control and transfer our files. Moreover, the interest pattern of the platform is initially designed around the platform and centralization. The platform profits our value through advertising and other ways. As a provider of value, we are limited to the right to acquire, use and profit. Can a new distribution network be established? The best user experience is created with the most advanced technology, but the platform's interest pattern is designed from the beginning to the value contributor, each of us. A block chain is a point - to - point, centralization, secure shared architecture that allows value contributors to share the data and resources that were previously not shared. The data and resources that the block chain can open will be wider and more extensive than the Internet. In the Internet and block chains, the digital assets of each of us are massive. The value of data can only be refined, used and managed through artificial intelligence training before it can flow. Our digital assets and the technology of intelligent virtual identity can create a new digital economy -- the economic system of neural network. On this platform, the intelligent identity of everyone and TA is a point on the network. Through the point to point network to interact and flow, the higher the contribution to the network, the greater the profit. By putting our digital assets intelligently, giving data to life, and enabling data to be figurative and alive, a new neural network economy can be established. We can not only demonstrate an intelligent identity similar to ours, but also exhibit more free, more ideal and more interesting virtual self. As a contributor to the data, we have greater imagination and use of freedom when we imagine how to use intelligent identity to represent us to work and do things. We have the right to decide how to publish our personal digital products, how to motivate the developers of the program, and how to charge the users of the information. The future economic system can be people-centered, and the value is managed and maintained by people and used by people. In an honest, human centered, centralized network, after security authentication, it allows its three-dimensional intelligent virtual image to help themselves to express, experience, interact, manage, do things, share, and gain benefits. Virtual self is not limited by any time and physical space. It can make our time, life and work more interesting and efficient. Our intelligent identity is called personalized artificial intelligence / personalized neural network (Cyber nerve) - our own language, our own language, our own life, our story, and the world of our own. We foresee the impact of AI on the future, and we will focus on the next great technological era in the process of human development. Cyber nerve believes that the new era of AI economy has arrived. Such a new era will first be realized through Cyber nerve.


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Cyber nerve block chain protocol

The Cyber nerve block chain protocol is a new public block chain, guaranteeing the authenticity and uniqueness of Cyber nerve, binding with the host, and ensuring that it can not be copied and deployed at random without the permission of the host. The Cyber nerve block chaining protocol is a point to point network for storing information blocks that are not modifiable. This protocol has three functional layers: authentication, intelligent network, data storage. In the application scene of neural elements, the occurrence, integration, verification, biometric data, and characteristics of machine learning are written in the block chain and can not be tampered with. In short, if no user's permission is allowed, no one can use and add the information of Cyber nerve, and no one can operate Cyber nerve. According to American law, users have the license of Cyber nerve, including the rights of propaganda [4] or personal rights, the right to control the image of the individual, the portraiture or the personal identity in other aspects of commercial use.

Cyber nerve vision

Cyber nerve believes that everyone in the world has the right to create, possess, manage and use their own neural elements, so that the neural elements can serve themselves. To this ideal, Cyber nerve has designed a block chain protocol that allows people to have a traceable ownership of their own neural elements, a decentralized management and a right of cash, and a continuous artificial intelligence learning ability for neural elements. Such a neural - centric protocol allows each person's data to be connected to its own neural elements, ensuring security and uniqueness through a block chain network, and allowing people to gain revenue by contributing to the data, which is the basis of a new digital economy. In this economic system, each person's nerve element is a certified image of three dimensional artificial intelligence, similar to the owner, similar in sound, and still learning, understanding the master, answering questions, not being restricted by time and space, and doing things on behalf of the owner. Unlike traditional block chain protocols, the Cyber nerve block chain protocol has an artificial intelligence network module that is learned by AI. Distributed artificial intelligence algorithm is interwoven in the block chain structure, and is the core module of the nerve element block chain. The block chain allows more people to share data and resources that will not be shared before, so that large-scale data and resources are larger than the Internet, and therefore need machine learning and artificial intelligence for data analysis and resource call management. The neural element block chain protocol is designed for artificial intelligence, and provides a block chain platform for the deployment of AI. More data and resources, including computing power, can be shared without worrying about privacy, security and being taken away by competitors. Usage and records are distributed in a large, decentralized computer network. Artificial intelligence technology provides learning ability for users and developers. Users can constantly improve their artificial intelligence. Developers can use artificial intelligence algorithms and computing power to provide better services for users. Everyone's participation makes the AI system progress faster and stronger.

Implementation of intelligent protocol

Licensed and secure users can have full rights to determine how they use their neural elements on the Internet. They can use their own neural elements to do what they want to do in different applications on the chain of nerve elements. The network of nerve elements is very safe, because all the activities of the nerve elements will leave their footprints on the block chain, so any malicious use can be tracked easily. Footprint, interoperability and privacy management on a neural network network, users can use their own neural networks in multiple applications, such as social networking, dating, shopping, health care, and so on. Using neural networks in different applications should be a smooth experience for users. Users can view the activities of their neural networks on multiple applications, and improve the interaction of the neural networks through user intervention or automatic machine learning of the neural network. At the same time, the activities of the neural network in each application will leave the user's neural network without tampering on the block chain, which will also be used to update the training neural network. The neural network also gives better interoperability between different applications, allowing users to retrain their own neural networks or retrain their preferences on each application; the user's neural network files and learned behaviors will be automatically applied to a new application. At the same time, users can decide how to manage their privacy on different applications.

According to the footprints and neural network files that the neural network leaves on the neural network network, Cyber nerve will automatically create personal credit (the confidence score of the neural network) for the user, and the personal credit can be given to the neural network.

The de centralized application of the network brings many benefits.

Neural network is a real digital world. Block chains provide identity binding validation for each neural network identity in a neural network ecosystem, ensuring that each person in a neural network has only one neural network (each neural network can have various beautifies or animated versions), and all behavior and interactivity information are labeled in the block chain. Through data validation, miners can prevent false files and data on the neural network. Even if users authorize developers to use their neural networks to deploy their neural networks on other applications, users can still track their neural network activities to ensure that their neural networks are not being maliciously used. Moreover, developers and users will get paid in an open and transparent way. These activities will be recorded in the block chain.

Block chain summary

Rule of autonomy no matter when the user logs in to the system, the block chain protocol of the neural network is always running in the background. This will help continuous learning of user data and facilitate miners to verify data. Cyber nerve aims to centralization these user digital files and virtual identity ownership power so that the ownership of data and artificial intelligence can be returned to the provider of the data, and the block chain protocol provides the technical infrastructure to achieve the following functions:

- Developers can deploy online applications and products on neural networks.
- Developers earn profits by providing experience and services.
- users from all over the world will benefit from their contributions to their data, the training of the neural network and the artificial neural network of the platform.